The cruise lines make it very easy to book directly through them. However, there are typically trade-offs. A tour booked directly through the cruise line will typically accommodate hundreds of guests. You?ll be broken into groups and begin your tour.

The downside of this is that you?ll almost never deal with the owner of the company providing the tour and the quality of the tour is in many cases largely dependent on the quality of your guide. And unfortunately when comparing tour experiences with fellow passengers it?s not uncommon to find some had a fantastic experience while others much less so. It?s hard to maintain high level of quality when processing large volumes of passengers.

You?ll rarely know the name to the company that provided your tour ? even after you?ve taken the tour. Independent shore excursion providers typically are small business owners that deal with a small number of cruise ship passengers. More often than not you?ll be dealing directly with the owner. And because you?re dealing directly with the company (rather than a nameless provider through cruise line) the excursion company is focused on providing you the best possibly experience.

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